#fashionablestardoll STAGE 3 LEVEL 1

Wednesday, December 5, 2012 3 Awesome Comments
Almost done with the first level! Yipee! And coralcool91 is eliminated! kcv183 won with 14 votes, and lilycakepirate with 13 votes won too. Congrats girls!!!
thischeshirecat is also in the run too! Congrats for making it all the way so far! Along with kcv183!
So, since it's almost the end, I would like you to dress up as if you are going to a New Year's eve party, mostly like in New York. You are watching the ball drop, why not look great for the new year?

In this stage, you are asked to have something in your hair, could be from beauty parlor or an accessory in you suite.
There are 4 stages in Level 1! #fashionablestardoll will not be back for atleast a week or month. If this post gets more entries  (atleast to 5) I will make #fashionablestardoll be ended for a few days, not a month.
The winner, if I forgot to add, will possibly get stardollars if my superstar is still around (since it's suppose to end) (NOT PROMISING)
Good luck girls!
To enter, comment with your username and a screen shot of your medoll wearing the outfit. THIS IS THE LAST CHANCE TO ENTER! You will not be able to enter on Stage 4, level 1, as it is for the remaining girls ONLY. If you are busy, but still want to enter, tell me in my guestbook or in the comments, I'll give you an extra day (possibly)

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