What Stardoll needs...badly

Sunday, August 5, 2012 9 Awesome Comments
So in this post  comment on what you think Stardoll needs. We will have a vote, and whoever comes in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will get All of us to send to Stardoll.
Here are some of my ideas;

1.) NO MAKEUP LIMIT, stardoll supports creativity, we can't create if we have a makeup limit.

2.) In Starbazaar, we need a "Hotbuys" button so we can find Hb's easier, this will make more members possibly getting more sd's or ss membership, (not all, just some) and we can find ALL of the sc hb's! :)

3.) You decide!

4.) you decide!

5.) You decide!

Good Luck everyone, and be sure to write your ideas in the comments below vvvvv :)

Here is a link to the rules if you want to read it, and the "How to enter" is in it to.(PLEASE DO) the top part is very important, otherwise you can forget the rest.
click here to see the rules and how to enter. Did i forget the prizes? ooo bad move Ashtyn -.-
Good luck :)

9 Awesome Comments:

  • Sun said...

    I like 1 & 2 but I'd also suggest some type of storage for make-up/jewellery in beauty parlor. Also being able to sell make-up/hair dye in starbazaar would be great.


  • Carrie.Rose said...

    I think we should be able to try on clothes in the Starbazzar like we dob in the Starplaza. I have bought itemsin the past that look great in the starbazzar but fit horribly on my medoll. This should also be for buying jewelery or hair as sometimes they dont fit right on your medoll. xx

  • Lozzyy. said...

    i agree with Carrie.Rose

    I also think that you should be able to just look trough all the starbazaar items because sometimes you just want to flick through all the clothes to see if you find something nice.


  • Anonymous said...

    I think they need more makeup shops and should bring back natura faces! Starbazaar should sell makeup too! I think you should be able to test and make makeup, eg zebra lipstick.

  • Harsh26 said...

    I like Crazyrandomerstardoll's idea about making makeup! I also like HorseponycuteSD and Carrie.Rose's ideas! If any of you were here in like 2011, you know that we were able to create as many clubs we can even if we were non-ss. Now, even if you are a SS, we can only create up to 4 clubs. I want stardoll to let us create more than 4 clubs!

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