twiggy medoll tutorial

Monday, August 13, 2012 3 Awesome Comments
*if you want to use the official hair style you must be superstar*
Today we will be doing Twiggy! i am not superstar, and I don't have much makeup but we'll try :]
 we will try to create this look today. I will be using my backup for this post.

Let's get started!

-You need your medoll to be white
-You need the eyes (and makeup for eyes)

Let's begin!
**There are many eyes that look a lot like her's. So it will be more different.**

1.) Go to the eyes section, and go to page 7.  (1st one, second row) I am using that one currently.

2.) Go to the mouth section and go to page 3. (1st one, second row) and use the lip color as "light pink" beside the peach/nude color.

4.) Change your medoll's skin tone to white

5.) (you need to be SS for this part if you want the special hair) go to the SS hair page, page 3. (1st one, row 1) And change the hair to a light blonde. (the lightest) If you are non ss, you need to go to page 8 (the one beside the 46lvl hair)

6.) **you need some eyelashes for this, and mascara** Make sure you cover the whole bottom for this, and some of the top.

7.) **you need DOT eyeshadow, not luxe.** Cover it up a bit. Like this: (in the finish picture vv)

You can  use a bit of purple also. You can also add eyeliner (JUST A BIT)

8.) you need a red sweater (i edited this one if you don't already know)

9.) you can add a little blush, I didn't though.

That's the end! You can also change the eyebrows to match also, along with the nose.

It's not the best, but I see a very little resemblance.

Thanks for reading. And rate please :)

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