Tips on how to win MSW!

Thursday, August 9, 2012 2 Awesome Comments
Hey guys! Here's some tips on how to win MSW- I'm not sure if anyone else has done this yet, but here they are anyway!

-Broadcast! This draws in attention easily.
-Create amazing clothes, interiors, jewellery or hairs! This could easily put you on the top 10 for any of those awards.
- Dress your medoll and have pretty makeup! This is important- you must look good!
-Have a nice suite! This makes more people want to win!

I remember last year there was a rule- if you ask people to vote for you you get taken out of the competition. Or something like that. It'll probably be back!

You all ready?

-Daisy xoxo

2 Awesome Comments:

  • HorseponycuteSD said...

    The rule was you cannot bribe, i will admit last year i bribed, but then they brought in the rule so i stopped. I hope to do something to get me noticed! im brainstorming lots

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