Shawdow Boxes

Saturday, August 4, 2012 2 Awesome Comments
Hello Readers,

So lately I have been obsessed with making these shawdow boxes, with the help of my awesome sister emmalamb1.

A shawdow box is an enclosed glass case, that you put items of significant value to you, in it. Here is a picture.

I got this picture from the internet, this is not mine. Anyways this is a great idea, for a gift or such.

What you need:

Shawdow box: (you can buy this for 5-10 dollars at Michaels)
Hot glue
Small items that have significant value
One peice of paper used for the background.

1. Take your piece of paper and cut it to fit the back of the shawdow box.

2. Then take your items and figure out where you want to put them. For the one I made, I used seashells, old stamps, antique looking background, an old perfume bottle, and pop out stickers. All these I found around my house.

3. Then glue on all the items with hot glue.

This project should only cost around 5-10 dollars and should only take up to an hour.

I would love to post mine for you but I have no idea how, thanks so much. Who has made one of these or has seen one?


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