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Wednesday, August 15, 2012 10 Awesome Comments

Don't mind the topics, it's the ad. And it doesn't at all look like MSW. Credit to lorzin7 for posting the picture.
I'm creeped out. What does it mean? O.O

But what's weird, is that in the top corner (in a different ad of this) they have wine and beer.
Everyone is contacting Stardoll, but when you click on the ad you get taken to no where.
Looks to be that everyone is worried about the hackers back on Stardoll.

I'm worried, here are what I was thinking:
-Stardoll got hacked again
-Stardoll is changing again

What do you think?
I guess we will be back on Aug. 20th...9 days before MSW is expected to start.

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