MSW a week away

Friday, August 3, 2012 4 Awesome Comments
Yep, it's that time again. Time for more advertising, spending stardollars/starcoins and of course competitive people.
"I expect that people will be spending a lot more this year" Said one of our readers. They also added "I'm not competing, but I think a lot of people with 40+ level points will make it. I'm  thinking that only the royalty people will win of course lol"
I am competing this year though, knowing I will only get a few 100 votes haha, I'm doing it for fun though :)
That's what counts right?

But here are some tips for a better chance of winning:
: ALWAYS vote people and ask them to vote you back (It will be alot of people)
: Make lots of NICE designs (people will see it and will come to vote you!)
: Have fun though! It's not a real life contest.
: If you don't make it, you can said you tried and you might have had a fun time :)

Have fun, and see you Aug. 9th for the worldwide event :D

4 Awesome Comments:

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