Saturday, August 11, 2012 4 Awesome Comments
they have not been annnounced yet, but on the stardoll face book they said
We'll do it all again soon and fingers crossed - celebrity judges for the 2012 Miss Stardoll World!
Sadly the link links to nothing, but its so awesome knowing stardoll will have celebrities judging us!

which celeb would you like to see picking the MSW winners?
I would like to see Tyra banks, but she would cost way to much for stardoll to afford.

4 Awesome Comments:

  • Flowerpin said...

    If Stardoll gets any celebs, I have a feeling it may be someone like...Bella Thorne or someone not TOO huge, like Selena Gomez (which is expected, but I can almost GARUNTEE that she won't be judging)

  • Ashtyn/Miss_sassy_girl said...

    I would like miss tyra banks haha.
    My friend, Misstarabanks might like her.... ^-^

    I hate bella thorne, but that's what me might get.
    What about Milly and Becky! They still get on stardolll.
    Or hilary duff, I loved her as a child.
    I was going to say Ellen since she is a cg model, but you nnever know

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