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Thursday, August 2, 2012 5 Awesome Comments

Hey guys! Itttts Daisy aka mitzipuss here!
What I want, is for every week, is to upload an interview with a person who is good at something.

I know your probably thinking, eh, there's plenty of contests out there.
Yeah, sure. There's quite a few like this.
However, for this one, if you DO get posted on here, I will put on my presentation;
'Please visit [Name here]', and send you a gift or even buy from you!
Depends what mood I'm in!

I will interview you, and get some pictures of your talent at first hand.

*How to enter*
Post in the comments of each post i make about this, including this one, with this filled in form;

Why you think you should win this week's interview:

*Remember, it is about YOURSELF, not other people!*

As soon as I get at least 6 posts and I'm online, I'll get started interviewing you!
And I will post in the comments when I've picked a person, as well, by the way.

Ready? This is a chance for you!

Start signing up! :D

-Daisy xoxo

5 Awesome Comments:

  • Anonymous said...

    Username: lovinjudas
    Talent: Makeup/Makeovers
    Why you think you should win this week's interview:
    I own a makeup blog, :) Take a look there, and I also do makeovers in my album :) Enjoy! :)

  • Carrie.Rose said...

    Username: Cheekycazbo1
    Talent: Blog, is that ok? if so its
    Why you think you should win this weeks interview: Because i have worked very hard on my blog/magazine and feel as if i deserve to get a little more notced. Its also something i really enjoy doing and would love to be interviewed aboutx.

  • mitzipuss said...

    I'm not so sure about blogs, I'll have to think about it.

    **I forgot to say, I also want you to think of entering graphics! it is one of the catagories- add in a link to show me your work! Ill edit it on tomorrow, when I'm on the laptop, but I can't just now becuase I'm on my phone!!***

    Keep on entering guys!

  • Anonymous said...

    Talent:Makeovers (Check out my webpage I do have other blogs but they are under construction.)

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