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Tuesday, August 21, 2012 3 Awesome Comments

We would like to welcome MSW coming soon in a few days! Who can't wait?  Counting down the days of the biggest event on Stardoll, we will be interviewing, giving news, tweeting (well I know I will be anyway),

Here is what I planned for us Staff (if you are okay with it) Down below
~Have a party (save yourself sd's and hold a 0sd party :] )
~Interviews with Ceren.GK (sp?) and Perilice02 and possibly some runner ups
~ Weekly contests (I am starting a few)
~ The news
and whatever you write about :)
If you are ok with it, say down below, if you want interviewed (Have to be runner up, or top 100 to be interviewed), invitations to parties being hosted by us.
Sounds like a plan? :)

3 Awesome Comments:

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