Liam Payne doll, now out! :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012 9 Awesome Comments
Liam Payne is now out and available to dressup. Just in time for his birthday also! Same with MJ, and my friend karly. They celebrate their birthdays on the 29th of Aug.
  Liam looks like the real liam, not any other celeb kinda like Niall did. Louis is going to be next, he is expected to be out next week. Who can't wait?
There is also a contest, but no picture yet.
What do you think of the Liam Payne doll? I think it looks realistic and very nice. I can't wait for the Louis doll though :)))

*PLEASE NOTE I am going to be gone on the 6th-7th not the 8th sorry.

9 Awesome Comments:

  • Carrie.Rose said...

    Wow i love One Direction, i like the way stardoll is having a doll for each of them, unlike other groups have just one dressup with them all on, i cant wait! :)

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