How to wear hotbuys - Lace heels

Tuesday, August 7, 2012 0 Awesome Comments
Hello everyone, i will be starting something new where i give you tips on how to wear hotbuys!
Today i will show you how to wear Hotbuys Lace heels, the first hotbuy of august
The main shops for this HB is of course, fallen angel and velvet orchid

First off i will start with pants/skirts
For these shoes i recommend Tights with a big black or purple skirt, or you can keep simple with a tight skirt 
Next the top, I recommend a black crop top, it makes it less dark and crowded

Choose accessories of your choice and your finished product will come out something like this
Hope you like it! 
I hope to see some of you gals rockin the hb lace heels just like me!

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