Hate for Stardoll-10/100

Friday, August 3, 2012 3 Awesome Comments
EDIT;; it's only for a few "faces"

errr Now we have "chins"
We had some earlier, course, but now we have shadows and omg.
i had a perfect doll, and then "poof" I have a chin....

3 Awesome Comments:

  • HorseponycuteSD said...

    Heres another thing thats been happening to me, I bought something for 51 starcoins, exchanged 1 stardollar to get it, then it says -9 stardcoins! so i go to buy something, for stardollars, then it tells me i have to excahnge 4 stardollars to starcoins to get it, wth!

  • Mandylou4 said...

    OMG the same think happened to me! I thought I had enough money but was 1 sc short so it showed -1. Then I refreshed and I was 1 sd poorer! It's not fair that Stardoll didn't even ask me if I wanted to exchange.

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