First ever graphics hair :]

Tuesday, August 14, 2012 7 Awesome Comments
Hey guys!
I know this is a non-stardoll related post, and my apologies for not  posting sooner (Oh yeah and I won't be able to post thursday, friday and maybe saturday due to a friend coming to stay), but I've been working on my graphics skills. I want to start a graphics blog, and I'll need to work on hairstyles but...
I can do the positions and put it onto a background, here's a very quick one I did:
So, I can do poses, put things onto backgrounds and Sort of clothes. If I take ones from stardoll and edit them. That hair is just the one that my medoll has on, the 4000sp- I don't know what level it is- blurred and changed etc.

But here's my very first ever graphics hair! It's pretty bad and shaky, but yeah.
Opinions? I couldn't really do the hi-lights very well, but yeah. The shaping I'd want to work on, but still..
Opinions? I'm pretty happy actually :]

-Daisy xoxo

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