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Sunday, August 12, 2012 2 Awesome Comments
I know I said I wouldn't be posting, but I love blogging/writing so i really had to ;)

Here is when MSW starts, all the info, exclusives and such.
1.) MSW starts on August 29th.
2.) Voting starts the 29th also.
3.) You need atleast 400sp to vote (I believe)
4.) (In our earlier posts) We might have celeb judges.

Here is when Semi final voting should begin!
1.) It should end in Mid summer/early fall. September 1st.
2.) You only get to vote the people that are in that area, not anyone else

There is also and MSW blogging contest, (this is on the facebook page)
1.) Go to the MSW page (on stardoll, not facebook) http://www.stardoll.com/campaigns/miss-stardoll-world
2.) Once you are done/are at the page, you will/find the page to enter your blog(s) You can enter any blog that gives the latest info on MSW. Once you have done that, you are done! Be sure to enter us please, and thanks! :)

There you go! I can't wait for MSW, and besure to enter us in the MSW blogging contest! The more people entering us, the better chance we get of winning and getting more known haha ;)

We wish everyone luck, and come back Aug. 29th for more MSW news!

(I will be doing interviews this week also!) Interviews are closed.

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