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Tuesday, August 7, 2012 0 Awesome Comments
Yesterday was a history making day. we had the Olympics (still going on) and we had NASA's mars' rover.
If you went on Google yesterday (probably did haha) you may have noticed this;

normal, normal. We see the guy and the crowd, but look more closely (I'll circle it for you)
Click on it to see it better. Now that we see stuff more better, we notice the mars rover thing, the crowd, the guy, the way some people enter, and I don't know about the orange thing....hmm
The guy (in the center) looks alot like this guy from NASA
but without the stars, possibly is :)

Do you think Stardoll should celebrate this history making moment? I do.
I think they should give a mars interior thing or have it for sell.
But at least give that robot thing.
Even if it is not Stardoll related, I thought you guys should know it also :)

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