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Friday, October 14, 2011 1 Awesome Comments
Well, where should I start? my name is Saskia and obviously I’m a member of dollywood(stardoll) bear  in mind I haven’t been here long I joined around June-ish and I soon found out about the user created blogs and stardoll graphics so I decided I wanted to be a stardoll model, so I took about 2 days searching google to find some agency’s there I found Sugar Model Management owned by Rafi101 and that was the start.

I was signed up but wasn’t taken seriously when applying for anything so I decided to upgrade to royalty so I would be able to express myself more on stardoll, well still no jobs but a lot of self-expression.

Well, my job here is to tell you about new things and things happening around stardoll. I guess you could even call me a gossip girl, I think soon you’ll find out my personality and style.

Feel free to come and look at my page (pinkioriginal) and leave a comment in my guestbook

Love you lots, Saskia x

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