HB are a big deal ?

Saturday, October 15, 2011 2 Awesome Comments
are hot buys a big deal to you, do you collect them ?

well I personally dont collect ANYTHING, if I like something I'll get it but if I dont it will stay in starplaza. Talking about starplaza whats your favourite store ? well mine definitly has to be starbazaar I love bargains.
you guys are probably thinking what is she babbling on about starplaza for ? well, basically starplaza is soo overpriced sometimes and I think stardoll is realising so their giving us free stuff or maybe they just want to be seen as good people by supporting breast cancer o.O

have you also realised that the quality of clothes varys SO much on the brand ? ( I would give examples but Im using the family computer, if anyone saves pictures or changes settings "eugh saskia, you always make the computer act retarded and slow with your stupid dolly site" thanks bro -_-' glad to know that you respect my interests)

Well compare fudge to hotbuys to LE

There is sooo much more shadings and shadows and shape and definition, theres also so much more price

so what do you think

Thanks or Stop wasting your time stardoll ?

2 Awesome Comments:

  • ilgd said...

    hotbuys to me are not something special.Maybe some pieces are pretty but they are not much different from the ordinary clothes stardoll releases.Right now almost half of the members collect them so I think they have lost their value.

  • lozzie.900 said...

    Well I do collect them and i dont if you know what i mean, I buy them all if i have pleanty of money but if im saving i only buy the nice ones but i only recently started and i dont buy them from bazaars because they are too expensive i have about 20 HB but i know gypsyprincess has loads

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