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Thursday, October 20, 2011 1 Awesome Comments
do you remember a couple of days ago, there were thousands of broadcasts telling you to vote 63emly64 covergirl as she had passed away and her friends wanted to do something for her as that had "always" been her dream.

well alot of you we skeptical about this as its very easy to lie but others thought that if it was a lie it was taken just a bit far by saying she had died. so you voted to see what would happen, I personally dont vote on request if I see you around stardoll and I like your outfit I will vote for you if not... its a not.

so back to topic, so I check out her page and it said she was online 2 days ago meaning she must of "passed away" in the last 2 days. Fair enough, BUT was it a coincidence that she was wearing all white like an "angel". That might of just been her stardoll style or her friends got into her account and changed her, so the next day she's covergirl and I'm like "oh goody, she's happy and will probably log on in a week".

Then there are things posted in clubs like "It was one of her last wishes, before the cancer took her" CANCER ?! is this serious because if its a joke or an attempt at fame it is sick.

BUT today I search for her and her account is deleted o.O, so either stardoll took it seriously enough and deleted it because of all of the "RIP" comments and overload on broadcasting or her parents asked stardoll politely (I doubt it) to remove the account and stardoll did or stardoll had enough of everyone complaining and reporting and saying she is a liar her account got deleted.

Now this is the only thing of the whole post Im sure about; if she really died R.I.P, if she didnt and this was a rise to fame shame on you, you chose something so sick and low down and you got your account deleted. I hope not to run into anything like this again

Ta Ta, Saskia x

1 Awesome Comments:

  • Megan / Momijigal911 said...

    See.. I'm not sure with this one. A lot of quite "famous" people were involved with this most of them had previosly won CG themselves. The thing that confuses me is.. If she was lying about it, why would "famous" dolls help her win CG? I know some of them were her close friends but still risking their reputation to do that.. I don't think so.

    But still it was such a beautiful gesture.

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