Childish Stardollians -_-

Tuesday, October 25, 2011 8 Awesome Comments
okay right so I hate bringing my personal life into the spotlight, its not like I'm anyone important or anything but I have to bring this up as this happens to alot of us. STUPID 9 YEAR OLD STARDOLLIANS !! the ones that dress all gangster and type all retarded -_-

Girl, Please.
how did this start ? well, I love being active around stardoll and talking to you lovely dolls in club discussions, so then I see a game called "is the person above you a model" so I comment on the girl above me. this is the reply I get (click images to make picture bigger)

so then I comment back saying blah blah blah, and she says that all my opinions were uncalled for and unnecasary and after I was that harsh I still said no. Im sorry I dont think that your style is original the whole gangsta look on stardoll is totally stupid in my eyes and these users pretend to have "stardoll familys" by this they find a "boyfriend" a "sister", a "baby" etc and build a family. putting on thousands of tattoo's and piercings on the face in stardoll is not original and wearing the skimpiest stardoll clothes isnt either. if this is your style Im sorry but its something I've seen many times before, and they all say the same thing (cussing), the all type the same way "stupid bltch i fuuukkkinn hate u init" cause they damn well know stardoll does not allow cursing or cussing AND they all seem to be black (as in african american/african caribbean) this statement is not racist as I am infact african caribbean and proud. does this mean all you stardoll gangsta's are the same person are you all JadaBooh7 ?! I sure as hell hope not, as it is infact people like this that ruin the stardoll community. Not only did she attack me in the club but she attacks my geustbook now after saying I was reporting her, she deleted the message but always comes back to leave more...

she even left in her geust book that people should come on my page and leave hate, do you think I care ? you leaving rude words in poor grammar is hardly going to make me suicidal.

so another different girl goes onto her page and says that she dislikes her style and she replys with >

so just now she leaves a comment on my page and it is apparant that she can type properly and that gangsta attitude is a fake ! HALLELUJAH. now maybe this might just be over, I may even send her a link to read about the post so we can ALL look forward to her anonymous posts. 

Im just going to post how she has been spamming my page with innapropriate language now I am not saying that I dont swear because if Im honest my language is appalling but I know when to use it and this situation was not it.

as of now I am giving her a link to this post and I hope she enjoys reading my opinion and if she doesnt its tough, sorry gangster princess

Now I have to say this, I am no way shape or form asking you to leave hate comments on her page. I am above that, however if you want to take it onto yourself and say you dont like her attitude you do that.

- Kiss Kiss Saskia. 

right at the top she told people my name is pinkioriginal INCORRECTION! my USERNAME; is pinkioriginal but my real name is Saskia.

Tata Dollies, Sask x

8 Awesome Comments:

  • Anonymous said...

    She's just a stupid girl who doesn't have a life to live, a childish who hasn't grow up yet to be doing what she's doing i bet in real life she won't do that cause she's not an gang and for sure somebody of her size or not will beat her up.

    Just ignore her!!

  • abbeydawn122 said...

    If there's one thing I hate more than those type of girls (if you can call them that), it;s the fact they can't spell or write words correctly.

  • Anonymous said...

    thats what I was considering, it wasnt infact her herself but people like that, that talk like that and cause problems. they then forget about their accounts and never comeback and waste usernames.

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