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Sunday, October 30, 2011 4 Awesome Comments

Hi Guys! Im posting again hope you wont get bored of me :)

sooo Today im doing a bit of a everything post:

Where do you shop mostly i would have to the starplaza as i like looking at the new in and popular sections however last week i brought a old 2007 HB for 60sc!!!!!! I would advise that you have a rummage through the starbaazar as you get some good deals if you search!

Also a bit about the show every ones been talking about: X factor! Last nights episode was full of drama!
Kelly couldn't make the show last night as she was ill back in LA,Ashley left the risk saying he didn't believe that is future lay in a boyband he was replaced with nu vibe member  Ashford on i!!!!! 
Plus Rythmix become little mix  as there is a charity called rythmix already!

thats all for now!
love you all lots like sparklin jelly tots:
heav/missAshie1991  xxxxx

4 Awesome Comments:

  • abbeydawn122 said...

    What a good deal :) I love the X Factor and can't belive ashely left! My favourite finalist has to be Janet x

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