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Thursday, October 20, 2011 2 Awesome Comments

Hey Stardoll Local News Readers, 
I am new writer for this awesome blog. I thought that before starting I should tell you a little about me.
My name is Molly Montgomery and my stardoll username is MollyMont. Many people may know me as iamyourfat. I started out on stardoll way back in the stardoll ancient times. Then I left stardoll and came back now, 3 years later as MollyMont.
I will be post about everything I can think of. If you have any suggestions, comment below or tell me in my guestbook. I am excited to see what things you want to see me post about.

Ps.  I didn't make the banner. I want to thank my friend, foreversecret for making it for me. Go spam her or or something with thanx and luv from me for making it for me. lol xD

2 Awesome Comments:

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