My Thoughts on Miss Sixty part 2

Saturday, October 15, 2011 0 Awesome Comments
I have decided to do this every time there is a new store!! It would also be awesome if you told me your thoughts on the collection as well :D Anyway here we go!

Mannequin 1:
  • The coat: a little odd with this this mannequin o.o. I mean who wears shorts with such a heavy coat? I like it.....but it makes my medoll look fat :(
  • The shorts: A little spring-ish. I don't think this is a fall look :I And a little unattractive for the hips :/
  • The boots: I bought these I LUV them!!!
Mannequin 2:
  • The dress: It looks like a hippy colored their dress with watercolors then went out in the rain. Make sense?
  • The bag: LOVE!!!!!  The pocket is cute. A little plain but every purse doesn't have to be a million colors right?
  • The Boots: I like them. Not necessarily my style. But if I had enough money a total buy.
Mannequin 3:
  •  The Coat: A little too fluffy. The stripes ruin it. Either color would be good. just not both.
  • The top: This is a Fall collection last time I checked! Not summer :P
  • The pants: I like them. If I liked flares. But I don't I like skinny jeans.
  • The boots: Kind of hidden on this outfit. But for a good reason I think
  • The bag: A little old lady-ish. What do you think?
Mannequin 4:
  • The hat: A pilgrim hat :/
  • The Scoat: (scarf+coat=Scoat) I wish they were seperate and that the scarf looked less like a boa.
  • The Scump: I wish they were seperate.
Mannequin 5:
  • The Shirt: It is either a cross or a union jack. What do you think?
  • The leggings: Leggings: They all look the same :/
  • The boots: LOVE!!!!
Mannequin 6:
  • The Top: A sweater fur! I like its but it would've been better in white.
  • The skirt: Would've been better in a black
  • The Purse: Meh...A regular purse :/
  • The boots: Not my style. Nice though.
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