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Sunday, October 16, 2011 4 Awesome Comments

so, you do know that there are stardoll projects outside of stardoll ! ever heard of a stardoll graphic ? a stardoll blog ? want someone to explain them to you, job accepted. well lets start with some examples of stardoll graphics starting from Beginner- OK and OMG O.O (they will be in that order), this is not intended to offend anyone

as you can see the quality varys, now Im not sure whether clicking on them will make them bigger but there are the picture's. I suggest you get the appropriate programs for what your doing so no using paint ! download photoshop or GIMP now I promise you GIMP is free to download and use without viruses etc, I would know as I use it myself (Im on the family computer again so I cant show you my work but its inbetween the 2 first pictures) now photoshop costs money and does the same thing as GIMP so in my eyes GIMP is your safest bet. The effect I use when making graphics is to layer colour to make each new layer lighter ( LIKE THIS) obviously you would use your medolls skin colour starting with the darkest which is around the neck area, as Im not able to show you how I do it. I will give you beautys links to tutorials etc, enjoy and leave links to your work below.

Any of you have stardoll blogs like this one ? if you do leave links below and in the next couple of days I will put a post about how to start up your own blog or stardoll magazine.

As promised these are the links for tutorials on graphics [x] [x] [x]

Ta ta, - Saskia (pinkioriginal)

4 Awesome Comments:

  • Anonymous said...

    awesome, Ive heard that you can download brushes as well for different textures. However, so far I havent found a site which allows you to download them for free "/

    I will stay on the hunt.

  • Purple said...

    I really love stardoll graphics! I am trying to teach myself, but I might need a little help along the way :) You will be my one stop shop for everything stardoll (graphics)

  • DEMI_LOVANTO_2/ evanescenceakii said...

    I have photoshop cs7 for free.. haha :) I am working on an Amy Lee graphic.. :)
    As for blogs, if you mean generally blogs, I have for stardoll news and for helping ppl win catwalk (it will start on 150 followers) :)

    I also have a sdgraphics blog, but I haven't posted for long, cause I have been doing private work on sd graphics and owners won't allow me to post them. I hope I will finish the one I am doing now quickly :)It's!:)

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