My thoughts on miss sixty (part one)

Friday, October 14, 2011 2 Awesome Comments

I will go by mannequins.

Mannequin 1:
  • The hat:  Not my taste and not many stardoll hairstyles go with it so a no buy :/.
  • The sweater: :/ I am not a fan of turtle necks -.- they are SUPER itchy :( Maybe if the neck was lower and the sleeves weren't as puffy it would be good. The print i like though :D
  • The jacket: It looks.....too fluffy :( I don't really care for the color either. This jacket looks like it o.o
  • The jeans: luv luv luv luv luv. Disagree? I dont think so! o.o
  • The boots: A little... slouchy :/ I like higher booties. But on the upper east coast it gets super cold. My California friends would disagree.
  • The bag: A little plain. :/ That's it. Just plain o.o
Mannequin 2:
  • The dress: Too puffy. Im not a fan of puffy stuff :/
  • The Gloves: LUV! but they don't go with this outfit :( Mistake on Stardoll's part. They would great on another mannequin im sure :D
  • The bag: Doesn't go with the outfit. but.........LUV LUV LUV
  • The Boots: LUV LUV LUV disagree? I bet you don't unless your blind :( im sorry blind people :(
Mannequin 3:
  •  The dress: would look wonderful if the sleeves were not sheer :( 
  • The belt: Stardoll is just ripping you off -.-
  • The gloves: Luv :D But way too expensive.
  • The Skumps: I made up that name (Sock+Pump= Skump)  I wish they were separated though :(  But LUV LUV LUV :D
Mannequin 4:
  • The hat: o.o may I say Amish?
  • The Scarf and dress: May I sat too matchy matchy? I think the dress could at LEAST have a different print :/
  • The Gloves: Luv :D
  • The bag: May i say stiff o.o
  • The Boots: Luv :D 
Mannequin 5:
  • The Dress: Luv luv :D 
  • The belt: rip off -.-
  • The Bag: Very...different Stardoll hasn't made a bag like this yet! I love it :D Except its color and how big it is :(
Mannequin 6:
  • The top: If it was a short sleeve buy. It looks like a man's shirt with out them.
  • The jacket: LUV LUV LUV!!! Could go without the should pads though :/
  • The rose: Luv :D
  • The skirt: A little boring :/ but it suits the outfit :)
Hanger one:
  • I looks like I recycled plastic rap and aluminum foil -.- i don't like it. 
Hanger two:
  •  The oddball out. Short sleeves like this in the fall?? um......?
Thanks <3


P.S. If you like this on be sure to comment for room two! I don't mind doing it! I would just like a little support ;D

2 Awesome Comments:

  • envyme010 said...

    interesting post. I agree with some and disagree with others. BTW, Esme, you never gave me my prize for winning the SD brand contest. When will you be giving out the prize?

  • Esme said...

    :O omg i forgot o.o" i was off for a while. Put something in your bazaar up for 30 stardollars and reserve it for me (besttheyhave135) comment back or gb me when you do

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