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Tuesday, December 13, 2011 2 Awesome Comments
ms.pinki has not been typing away to you dollies as there is no drama.
I dont see the point of reposting that there is new stuff out because everyone does this, however I do know of a little few hiccups that have happened to the blogger world.

the lovely audreyxbeth is leaving us read the BFM post here
this kinda sucks cause she seemed like a nice person, having had ONE conversation with her which she probably cant remember she didnt be little me because I didnt have elite status she treated me like a human being ( which btw when we turn off the computer thats what we are) 
that is me being treated like a human being.

ALSO, I was going to hyperlink Reeces suite (mizzmileycyrus9) but it has appeared the princess has been deleted, GOOD.

he was given I think his 100th chance with a blog after he has scammed, hacked and bitched many times about stardollians. He obviously had warrants out for his arrest and obviously not just Dei and Jack. why do I think he deserved this 

1. he was rude to me and his reason " I dont have time for non important time wasters"
2. cause the childish son of a gun DELETED all PSG posts out of spite.

why you ask ? because if you didnt know Reece was fed some lies (slightly unbelievable ones (I cant find the blog with details so I'll briefly explain)) so here is the explanation, two stardollians thought it would be funny to feed Reece lies (that one of them was pregnant and was being casted for sixteen and pregnant) he then wrote a very sarcastic post (you can only imagine) about it, Dei took it down, cause she knew about the plan in the first place ( I think :S) so Reece trying to save his own arse write an apology. Dei then made a post that she didnt really like him and that it was a plan, he then got pissed (like he is entitled to do) anyone would I geuss but then have the balls to delete EVERY SINGLE POST EVER WRITTEN ?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU.

there was then a meeting of PSG staff and Reece immediately started name calling including a word I cant stand and scuse the language but you should NEVER call ANYONE a cunt. NEVER EVER, it is incredibly disrespectful.

but I'm not gonna copy and paste the posts etc I shall just send you the link right here and read away.

so the princess has had many chances, kissed all her frogs and has now been thrown out of the castle, an amazing person is leaving and I'm sitting here righting this post that no one will comment on or acknoledge as it is long and rambly but I'm sorry. 

I have a right to speak and spoken I have

Goodnight dollies

ta ta - Saskia (pinki)

2 Awesome Comments:

  • harajakulove said...

    i really like ur posts about what's going on stardoll...though i dont any of the people u talk about:D..oops but thats my fault:)
    so dont feel bad that people dont comment maybe coz they are just lazy....and that includes me too:)
    and i just wanna tell u that u r doing a gr8 job!! so keep going like this!:)

  • Anonymous said...

    aww; your well lovely.
    I shall continue posting what I do post, and include the real stardollians in my posts ♥

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