The best Christmas rooms

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So, it's nearly Christmas, right?
So why not look at some good Christmas rooms?!

Our first room:

This room is designed by Foxy_Roxie (Roxie). It's really cute- it shows a simple bedroom with a little sparkle of glitter in the tree! The dog on the floor adds an element of cuteness, and it is a very Minimalistic type room.
Overall rating: 3.5/5

Our next room:

Here, we fall away from Minimalistic and into a cosy room. It's grown up and romantic, the sort of Penthouse you would find in New York. It's designed by PrincessMilly_x (Milly, 14). Not only is the room fabby, but her hair is amazing! Overall rating: 4/5.

Our next room:
This is my room. I used the LE interior, then layered up bricks- my aim was to make it look like a posh house (Something like a mansion, maybe)- the winding steps. Honest opinion? I need more in it! 4/5.

This room is designed by tnesbitt (Laura, 12). It's cute! We've gone from a romantic adult room to an adorable child's room- plenty of plush toys! It's very basic, but still very effective! Overall rating: 3/5 stars.

This room was designed by Veeruska (Veera, 14). It looks at the teenage stage, or perhaps a Breaking Dawn inspired christmas room? It reminds me of the White room. She also had another Christmas room (It included a Christmas tree) but I think I prefer this one. There is snow outside as well as fireworks- it looks utterly amazing! Overall: 4 stars.

Our next room:
This room was designed by BrielleRugby (Brielle). It is one of the most classic; a simple tree with presents underneath. She is still working on it, though. Overall: 2.5 stars.
This was made by Funkymoomoo1 (Chloe, 14). I love the snowmen in the top! It has an adorable effect to it- and the dress looks  pretty cool too! 4 stars!
This AMAZING room was designed by green_sheepy (Lena, 21). It is INCREDIBLE. My favorite out of the ones so far! It's grown up, unique and amazing. W-O-W. 5 stars!!

This gorgeous room was designed by epicribbon (Maisy, 11). I love the simpleness of a basic room, and the presents entwine the whole thing together! 4.5 stars!

That is all of my incredible pictures. They are so good! My favorite would have to be Lena's.

To visit any of these rooms, click on the following link:
Foxie_Roxie, click Here.
To visit PrincessMilly_x, click Here
To visit me, mitzipuss, click Here.
To visit tnesbitt, click Here
To visit Veeruska, click Here
To visit BrielleRugby, click  Here
To visit Funkmoomoo1, click Here
To visit Green_sheepy, click Here
To visit epicribbon, click Here

Hope you enjoyed this,
Daisy xoxo

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