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Saturday, December 10, 2011 0 Awesome Comments
The Make-up that I will be doing is a toned down version of the make-up pictured above.
This is the Finished Look Number One, personally I felt as if the lipstick was very strong and it all did not go together. But since the look has lipstick I made on have the Hot pink lips.
Finished Look
Number 2
I felt as if this make-up fit the doll a lot better then the previous one. 
Without the lipstick the doll looks a lot softer, and girlier.
Instead of Step Number Nine just add Lip Gloss, the one I used is from LUXE.
Now Here are the Steps:

And Done.
The mint eye shadow from Dot turned out yellow when I applied it to the medoll's eyes.
If you move your dolls eyes higher you will be able to apply green eyeshadow to the bottom.
In the comment put a tinypic of a celebrity inspired look, I'll put some of the one's I like in a post.
Have Fun.

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