Medolls vs You..

Friday, December 23, 2011 9 Awesome Comments
your medoll vs. you, your probably thinking "wth is she on about". well how many of you based your medoll on yourself ? well I did kinda. now I'm not gonna post a picture of my self 'cause thats innapropriate. but here is a picture of the similarities.

now let me clear something up; YOUR MEDOLL IS NOT YOU. Girls that get so into stardoll and then post on their presentation " I wish I had long legs like my medoll" etc. STARDOLL BUILT HER LIKE THAT ON PURPOSE ! SHE IS SUPPOSED TO BE THE MOST FLAWLESS THING EVER !!

your medoll is a woman; when most of us are either children or teens. Another issue, clothes. 12 year olds that go onto stardoll and buy what they would wear in real life VEREE creative and then they have the audacity to go onto someone elses page, someone who dressed their medoll wearing a short skirt or dressed their medoll showing of their stomach " a s|ut" spelt like that becuse stardoll doesnt allow bad language. your soo very smart, no really -_-

stardoll is somewhere you let out all your creativity whether it be through your suite or your medoll. judging people on those things is wrong because your saying you dont like their values or opinions or imagination.

I dont think theirs anything else I wish to say honestly :S

so I'm going to conclude with; did you base your medoll on yourself, a celeb, another medoll ?
and if you really want to tell me' what face modules are the same on you and your medoll.

as for now

Ta Ta Dollies, - Sask (pinkioriginal)

9 Awesome Comments:

  • MMAlovergirl said...

    good points =]

    i kinda based some of my medolls features on myself, for example, pale, same eye shape, same lips. i change my medolls hair colour a lot, and i also change mine. i hate how on stardoll you cant make your medoll look curvy with out making it look fat..

  • Ashley said...

    My medolls aren't based on how I look.

    I'm creative with my dolls, I put anime eyes on, or make it look like a devil.

    If my friends want to know what I look like I put the link of my dailybooth:

    lul, I've seen pictures of almost all of my friends- call me innapropriate, I guess. x]

  • MissMicaGolden said...

    Well, not actually. Trough my medoll I am showing all my creativity and that is why I don't base my me doll on how I look, but I do have some similarities with my me doll. The eyes of my me doll are just like mines.

  • Anonymous said...

    so like your creative influence, so your medoll represents you deep down. which is pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

  • Kizzy said...

    My medoll is not at all like me! I have anime eyes and a different skin colour and everything.. the only this that is the same is that were skinny:)

  • Anonymous said...

    I kinda based it on what I would like myslef to look like, withing reaosn.
    Like I gave her the same eyes (Blue)
    Skin colour (pale)
    hair color (Brown)
    body shape (no description!)
    But i changed the hair to curly and gave myeslf a smaller nose.

  • leah wolff said...

    You know, I don't think it matters if you base your medoll off yourself. Or off Katy Perry. Or Batman.
    Jeez, let people do what they want! LOL. but, i get your points =] visit me @ CrazyHowleah101

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