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Monday, December 26, 2011 4 Awesome Comments

would you have geussed the girls above were covergirls during last week ? in my opinion from the way that they dressed I would never have geussed.

none of them have even put "thanks" on theyre presentation and the covergirl in the middle hasnt been online in 3 days ! I think if you won covergirl, you should start a project and advertise on your pres as you'd get more followers and it would be more likely to be successful.

so anyway; dollies what would YOU do if you won covergirl ?

Ta Ta - Sask (pinkioriginal)

4 Awesome Comments:

  • Dei said...

    If they win they can do whatever they want, its just a title, it seems like if you won you would use it to because popular or use it to to promote your projects from the way you said it.

    And really, the way you addressed their looks. Really? By now it should be obvious CG's aren't chosen based on their sense of style, its based on how much money they spent or how many people they convinced to pick them.

    To me, you seem jealous and envious. LOL

  • Anonymous said...

    jealous and envious, yes because I believed stardoll originally said covergirl was for a girl with "style" and someone who "stood out" but times have changed with more outrageous medolls I geuss that these ones would just fade.

    if I won covergirl (doesnt mean I'm going to spam people or spend thousands on broadcasts) I'd use it to my advantage, isnt the game getting ahead ?

    everyone has different opinions and I geuss these are mine :]

  • Funkymoomoo1 (Chloe) said...


    It's not really how much they spend on broadcasts anymore. I know people who have spent 1000's of SD & lost out to someone who wasn#'t running or hadn't been on for a week :L

    I dont know how they chose it because some covergirls obviously haven't been visited much before they won. I think Stardoll should change the Covergirl system thing :L

    & If I won CG, I would probably scream x] Yeah, I havent won anything before & I dont intend on spending loads of Stardollars, so x]

  • Anonymous said...

    some one who kinda has the same views as me ^

    in my opinion, stardoll staff should choose covergirl on how active she is or what she's done on stardoll or around stardoll.

    like how many clubs shes active in, how many times she buys from starplaza, how many times she comments on starblog etc.

    but then again its just my opinion.

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