Get The Christmas Look!

Saturday, December 10, 2011 0 Awesome Comments
Hey guys (--:
This is my other account siika13, with her new Christmas room &+ Christmas outfit!

It's so Christmasy!

How to get this Christmas look?

- Dye your hair red, if you don't have red then maybe green, if not green then you can buy some red hair dye from Doree for only 8 stardollars!
The dress siika13 is wearing is a free gift from the club Miss_Sporty_2
Join the club (UK members only) & the dress will be awaiting in your first suite!
Red heels will do, red gloves if possible.
(I got the red gloves for 30sd from LE but Film Theory are selling them their, so you can get them their xD)
And a cute accessory! A silver or red necklace would do xD
Hope this helped ^^ Thanks for reading [:

- Haleemaxx3

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