Forbidden words help.

Thursday, December 29, 2011 7 Awesome Comments
Hey guys!
I'm sure we've all seen the dreaded 'Forbidden language' box before.
So, say you said, "The cat jumped off the wall", it will say it's forbidden because it has the word "Pedo" in the middle of it. So, incase you didn't know, you can put a nifty &#1 in the middle of the word.
For example; Suck becomes Su&#1ck. But the &#1 dissapears.

They have this for some random words, but not always. Do you remember when "Bum" was forbidden? That meant no "Album".
This, however, does not apply to the word "Pervet" which I think is stupid.

-Hope this helped if you don't know it,
Daisy xoxo

7 Awesome Comments:

  • Ashley said...

    There's also &#11.

    And encase you didn't know it just puts ♂ or a little block in the middle of your word.

    So you you there's nothing there, but the anyone who reads it there's things in the middle of the word.

  • harajakulove said...

    i dont know if its just me but i wanted to put merry christmas on my presentation but whenever i tried it said forbidden language! i dont know why.... but thanks to u now i know the trick :D

  • Marie O'Keeffe said...

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  • complexent said...

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