R.I.P Amy Winehouse!

Saturday, July 23, 2011 3 Awesome Comments

Amy Winehouse Was Pronounced Dead This Afternoon!
I Pray That She Is Now In A Better Place, I Pray For Her Family&Friends!
A True Legend.
Her Music And Soulful Voice Were Fabulous, She Was A True Inspiration To Me!
It Just Goes To Show Drugs And Alcohol Lead To Death!
And Sadly It Was Too Late To Save Amy, My Tears Dry On Their Own, Back To Black, Valerie, Rehab, No Good, And Many more Amazing Songs!

A 5 Time Grammy Award Winner Is Now The Newest Member Of the 27 Club, A Lot Of Celebrities This Age Died Of Drink And Drug Abuse!

R.I.P Amy! Xoxo

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