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If you haven't heard (as if) this season's trend is...CORAL!! Today I'm going to show you how to put them on your medoll with super style! Sorry I can't take pics but I dont have the screen capture software :( So i'll describe as best as I can!
  • What you need:
  1. Dot's coral colored lipstick (yes I know it says tiger lily! It's practicly the same color though!)
  2. Mascara (volumizing and lengthining)
  3. for blush look for the "perfect blush" post I think  it was in july
  4. white and sky blue eyeshadow or gray eyeshadow
  5. White eye coal
  6. black eyeliner
  7. Luxe gloss (not really needed)
  • How to apply (for blush go to my  "perfect blush post" it will not be included in steps
  1. Mascara (you should know how to do this)
  2. Eyeliner (this too)
  3. Coral lipstick (yea this too)
  4. luxe gloss (only if you want to otherwise not needed)
  5. Put 2 layers of white eyeshadow on ( i like to go from brow to eye but as much as you want is o.k. also if you have gray you can replace the white with gray but i like it better with the white and blue)
  6. Put a layer of skyblue eyeshadow over the white
  7. Put the coal by the tear ducts and the lash line for a cleaner look.
Done!!! Hope you loved it! To see how I dressed with this look go here or not lol! Yes here is a pic im off my ipad and on my laptop!

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