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Tuesday, July 26, 2011 17 Awesome Comments
This week task the models had to create a real designer clothing. Mots of the models didn't do their task and only 8 did it on time. So for this week there will be no elimination. Also I had a problem with the judges, most of my judges couldn't critic the models' task so only one did. I might need to find more judges that have time to judge. Ok on to the models' tasks! I like most of your tasks but some of them were not what I was looking for. Lets see what our judge countrygurl102 had to say about the models' tasks.
Cherissesmiles: I really adore the outfit. It has sort of an elegant meets gothic feel to it. I like how her eyeshadow makes her eyes pop and stand out from the black attire. It's very realistic to the photo.

Thebarbiegals: If I could, I'd give her an A for effort but a C for the outfit. It's nice and creative, but the top isn't working for me.

Nayaracuca: The mouth piece really isn't necessary. I feel like it takes away from the outfit. It looks like she's drowning in the outfit
looloo257: Poorly done. The hair clip isn't necessary and the earrings look like their floating. Should have opted for a different hairstyle. The outfit? Yeah, not really feeling it. Could have been waaaay better
Miley_19923: I feel that Crazykp's photo is better, although they did the same outfit. Miley's eyeshadow is adds to much color. The yellow belt is enough. But with the purple eyeshadow, it's just a little too much.
Crazykp: I like the contrast she has with the outfit by adding the yellow built. It really brightens the look up. The lips? Not to fond of them and feel like they bring the outfit down a little. Another lip color would have been better.
Blaze01412: I like it. Not love it, but like it. The colors really suit her skin tone.

Meegz227: I kind of have mixed feelings with this one. I like it, but I don't like it. It looks like she did put effort into it, which is always a good quality, but it's kind of sloppy in my eyes. But I do however, find it to be quite creative.
Ok now to announce our next task!
You will have to design your own unique outfit!(:
If you have any problems with this task notify my in this post.

17 Awesome Comments:

  • looloo257 said...
    I think thats the right address!
    if not comment on my stardoll gb
    P.S sorry about last entry for last comp/ round, i will defenatly try harder

  • looloo257 said...

    I have got another entry coz the one i entered first, i didnt have somthings on it that i wanted, im really sorry for the inconveinience, looloo257

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