Original Club deleted?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011 5 Awesome Comments

It seems that stardoll deleted there very first club! Take a look below.

 And this happend,

Try it yourself! I heard there was this scandal thing, It is such a shame.

                               RIP Original Club                                                         - Julia <3

5 Awesome Comments:

  • Maddy/maddy65 said...

    It got deleted alright.

    There is already another one made with the same name that has 281 members and counting. Then of course, there are several others making similar clubs about it being deleted.

  • Austin/Alexapie200 said...

    I made a club called PandaFries which I am trying to make as active as OC! But no one will join ;/ It stinks because since I am an active member on Stardoll my club PandaFries was also gonna have comps and stuff ;( But no one really cares!

  • Anonymous said...

    Maybe it can be that the club is not available in our country Well am from usa and i can't really go in ,but if the club was delete the club wouldn't be showing any more so that something weird:/

  • Ashley Stardoll said...

    What happened was:

    Some stupid DC'ers reported OC for shits and giggles. (sorry for my language). Also this girl [lavenderluva] who was deleted, striped on Tinychat, and posted dirty pictures witch people re posted, and everyone saw. Those are the main reasons why OC is now under investigation.

    And now it's being "investigated". Every post will be read, and if you did something wrong you will prolly be banned or your account will be terminated.

    Chances are OC will never pass investigation, and be deleted, along with most of its members.

    There is a new OC, owned by Becca [.honey.] It currently has 782 (and still counting) members, is highly active and contains most of the true/popular OC'ers.

    Some people don't like the new club, but I like it. Becca is active, unlike Robin, and she'll soon be picking managers.

    That is what happen if you didn't know.

    ~Ashley♥ [meganmero]

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