August 2011 Hotbuys

Friday, July 22, 2011 2 Awesome Comments

Here is what to expect for next month's Hotbuys:
Navajo Earrings-August 2nd
Bear Hat-August 5th
Chinoise Blazer-August th
Cheetah Stole-August 10th
Beatlemania (Dress)-August 13th
Leblon Miniskirt-August 16th
Bow Plattoms (I think platforms would be more accurate)?-August 19th
Bouquet Purse-August 21st
Chevron Leggings-August 23rd
Firework Dress-August 31

I like these Hotbuys, but the names are quite weird. None of them come out on my birthday, that only happened once in 2009,  but the leggings come out my first day of school -.-

The ones with question marks at the end are the ones I'm that I'm not sure how they are spelled, since Stardoll cut them off and that I've never heard of that word in my life, so I apologize.
If you know any real life versions of these Hotbuys, please feel free to comment & I will post them! :D

2 Awesome Comments:

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