Thursday, July 21, 2011 2 Awesome Comments

I just noticed our new cover "girl" is a cover BOY! I find it very cool how boys are very dedicated to the website! How about you? Heres a picture below!

2 Awesome Comments:

  • Anonymous said...

    I just notice too,he suite is nice for being a boy and well oviously some jealously guys around him calling him gay! he seems to try hard in his suite!

  • SammySdx said...

    I think that's nice that there are guys that like stardoll. But there's one thing I think is unfair: The girl pinkypromise (or something) was running for covergirl and spent about 10.000 sd on broadcast AND who won was a guy that wasn't running for CG... I feel so sorry for her, it kind of makes me remember when Callie.Stardoll won CG :c (unfair)
    Anyway, YAY! we have a CB!

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