*BREAKING NEWS* Police involved with OC and Stardoll is investigating!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011 19 Awesome Comments

Breaking news! If you click on contact, it says this,

4 hours ago:Original Club temporarily closed
Stardoll is investigating Original Club and the Club is therefore closed down for the time being.

And posted only 4 hours ago!

This is crazy! in MSW they said police were involved! Because kids took screen shots and  showed their parents! This is so bad! Tell me what you think in the comments!
*UPDATE* The word is, there not just investigating Stardoll, its the girl who did it in real life! Read about the OC scandal in SR or another post,
                                 - Julia <3

19 Awesome Comments:

  • Ashley Stardoll said...

    A girl went on Tinychat and striped. A whole bunch of OC'ers were on and saw it.

    She also posted pictures of her sucking on things (I don't want to go into detail) in OC.

    People started saying things and she got deleted. Someone called the cops on her (I'm not sure if it's true) and the police may be involved because what she did was child pornography.

  • Anonymous said...

    Omg how gross,how nasty girl:(I hope they don't close stardoll cause they may say the website is not appropiate for youngs!

  • Maddy/maddy65 said...

    I wasn't in OC, but if she was doing child pornography and expected to get away with it, she definitely had it coming. It is a shame that the whole club had to be closed just because of idiots like her.

  • epicjulia said...

    Thanks for all the comments. And the police are involved, What the girl did was considered child p0rn and that's illegal i believe. But the police i just heard on the street im not totally sure its true, Ill get more info when i can!

    - Julia <3

  • Anonymous said...

    It was LavenderLuva
    She stripped on Tinychat once. Said sorry but did it other times and some people threatened to call the police on her. Also people were passing around tinypics of her stripping.

  • Pet Rocks. said...

    I know what happened (well what's been said in FC anyway) This girl called LavenderLuva stripped on TC and Robin joined in, they put the pictures and stuff on OC and some kids took screen shots before they got deleted and showed there parents, the club was reported so many times that it has been 'temporarily' deleted and now Robin is in jail for 15 years and the girl (who's 11) is in court.

  • Sandy Mells said...

    Lol are you dumb or what? Robin isn't in jail first of all and plus where is your proof that he is in jail. Also don't be in such a hurry to make a conclusion without accurate proof and details.

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