Lady Gaga Telephone Tutorial!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011 2 Awesome Comments

Step one: Put on lengthening mascara and regular mascara.
Step two: Add liquid eyeliner to the ends of the eyes.
Step three: Add white eye shadow to the point corners of the eyebrow, and beige eye shadow to the middle of the eye and add more white at the bottom (optional)

Step four: (optional) add black eye liner to the top of the eye and white eye liner at the bottom of the eye.
Step five:  Add a dark maroon lip stick color of any kind.

Now, add any hair you like, and this is how it should turn out!
And remember to make it any way you like, darker makeup, anything!


               -Julia (:


2 Awesome Comments:

  • To_Royal said...

    Well her's is more darker, lips and eye shadow wise. Like instead of the pink you use, its more of a burgundy and her lips are burgundy too.

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