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Basically Alot Of The Writers On This Blog (Including Me) Are Not Writing 5 Times A Week Like We're Supposed To.
There Are Lots Of People Who Would Love To Have This Opportunity To Write For This Amazing Blog!
So We All Need To Step Up Our Game For The2glaMs, She's Gave Us This Opportunity So Let's Make The Most Of It!

In My Honest Opinion HotBuys Are Getting Uglier And More Expensive!
The Oldest HotBuys Were The Best Ones, So Elegant, Beautiful And Had A Certain Oomph About Them!
The Newer Ones Are Just Bland Have No True Beauty At All!

And Comment Below On What tutorial You want Me To Do Next!
1) Lady GaGa Big Eyes (Bad Romance)
2) Ke$ha (We R Who We R)
3) Cheryl Cole (Fight For This Love)
4) Jessie J (Do It Like A Dude)

All Of These Looks I Love, What one Do You Want To See? Xoxo

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