Tuesday, May 24, 2011 4 Awesome Comments

All you need to do is enter a Greek contest by clicking HERE. (you must be logged into stardoll)
It'll appear in you're suite too!

If you have any questions please comment!

4 Awesome Comments:

  • twilightgirl995 said...

    I am not from Greece, but I clicked the link anyway and I got the dress. I didn't enter a contest though. The link you gave doesn't direct you to Stardoll with a Proxy does it, because my laptop doesn't have an antivirus and I probably have viruses now. Thanks -.-

    The2Glams also told us we are not allowed to post proxies on here.

  • Pallie.25 said...

    oh... I clicked away because all it said for me in the place where you type links was after a while: stardoll.com/el/contest so i just clicked it away!!

    And I agree with twilightgirl1995. She told us that we should not do it because of hacking of accounts and viruses!

  • elephant826 said...

    Oh.. i didn't know about that. I saw some other people have things posted for free, so I thought I could. Sorry.. She didn't tell me not to though. Alright well I hope you enjoy the dress!!! :)

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