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Hey Everyone!So I Promised My "Katy Perry E.T. Inspired Makeup" Today So Here It Is!

Add Black Liquid Eyeliner To The Top Of The Eyes And Halfway Through The Bottom, And Then Add White Liquid Eyeliner To The Other Bottom Half O The Eyes!

Add Black Eye Kohl All Over The Eyes!

Add White Near The Tearduck! And Purple To The Rest Of The Eye And Drag It Out!

Now Add Blue Eyeshadow Over Half Of the Purple To Create A Futuristic Look! Add Glitter (LUXE Eyeshadow)!
Add Red To The Lips And Pink To The Inner Lips! And LUXE Gloss!To Finish The Look Add Any Eye Contacts! Add False Lashes And Highlights And A Bit Of Blush! Enjoy!

On Saturday I Will Be Posting "Lady Gaga Big Eyes Bad Romance Makeup" So Keep Your Eyes Wide Open ;D
- Baylie! Xoxo

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