Wednesday, May 25, 2011 3 Awesome Comments

Sorry I Haven't posted In A While! I've Had Exams -.-
It's So weird The Fact I'm Leaving School Soon! My Last Day is Tomorrow! And Then i Go Back In For More Exams!
Anyone Else Leaving This Year?!

What's With All These People Putting Crappy Items On Sale For 500sd? Seriously?! No One Will Pay That Amount For A Old Freebie!

Stardoll Is Getting Boring To Me, Like The New Beach Villa! We Can't Even Move Our Dolls STILL!

This Post Wasn't Just To Moan oh Ahaha! Here Is The Real Reason for It!

I'm looking For The Audrey Hepburn Original Design Poster! I Don't Know Who Designed It! If You Know Who Did Or Know Someone Who Has It Or If You Have It Please Let Me Know I'll Pay Big!

I Will Be Doing Katy Perry Inspired E.T Makeup Tomorrow! Keep Your Eyes Wide Open! ;)

3 Awesome Comments:

  • Sophie (spoffs) said...

    My last day is on Friday. Going out clubbing on Thursday to celebrate. :) Then I will be off to uni late September.
    I feel so old :P

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