Thursday, May 19, 2011 3 Awesome Comments

Hey Girlies!
I Noticed Something Really Weird At The Vintage Starbazaar!
I'm Thinking It May Be Some Sort Of Virus? I Haven't Seen This Anywhere Else And The Top Normally Isnt Transparent Right?

And I'm Really Sorry I Haven't Been Able To Do The Makeup Tutorial! But Here It Is! I Chose Vintage Couture.

Start With The Eyes! Add Black Liquid Eyeliner And Black Mascara!

Then Add Black Eyeshadow And 2 Pairs Of False Eyelashes!

Now For The Lips!
Add A Nude Lipstick And LUXE Plumping Gloss!

And Add Some Blush And Earrings And You're Done! :)

Hope You All Found This Helpful? :) Xoxo

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