Monday, April 2, 2012 2 Awesome Comments
Hello Amazing members, As normal I was searching for Stardoll's best medolls, today I happened to run across a very inspiring stardoll member. Her name is alleycat1996, and she has been a loyal member of stardoll since 2007. This inspiring member has 7000+ starpoints. She is never afraid to try a new style.
I also noticed she changes her outfit very often. They are all unique and are combined peices. She is not afraid to try a new look. I have seen her in preppy styles, very formal, causual and many others. The best part is she uses differernt peices of outfits to complement peices and make a stunning outfit. As many designers know, makeup is one part of the equation, fashion is the other, but also is the suite. Alleycat1996 has an amazing suite. She uses many different objects to make a grand suite. These suites are very timw consuming and cost a tremdous amount of stardollars. She does not have just one good room in her suite, but she has many good rooms. Each is again a completly differnt style and theme. I hope you check out this amazing member, ♥art123peace

2 Awesome Comments:

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