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Hello Amazing followers,

Who here follows the starblog? Well two days ago a new starblogger posted a post. Her name is hannahsweet10 and she posted which store are you.

What was your reaction when you first found out you were a starblogger?
"I was really surprised, I kinda screamed and jumped around." Hannah
What is your favorite part about your post being aired in the starblog?

"I really like how people come and visit me, and just to know that something of mine has been published. It's a great feeling." Hannah
How many times did you apply before you got to be a starblogger?

"I only applyed once and they accepted me." Hannah
Any advice to the people applying?

"Write alot in your blog and once you think you have alot of really good things in your blog, just send stardoll a portion of your writing." Hannah

I hope you comment and thanks for reading.



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