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So todays post is about scammers and how ungrateful selfish people they are. First im gonna show you what they do to scam you secondly how you can prevent it then thridly the scammers thereselfs! >VERY HELPFUL!< 

                                      How scammers scam: 

So theres 2 ways people can scam you, the first way is through trading, Stardoll warns you about trading,but people do it anyway, so this is how they scam, Basically they promise to put some DKNY up for 2sd straight after you put ELLE up for 2 sd, Basically safe right? Wrongg! The scammer buys the Elle and then dosent put the DKNY up, so your scammed, its pointless sending stardoll a message because they dont respond to scammers and you SHOULDNT BE DOING IT ANYWAY!!! Then the other way to get scammed is by giving away passwords, once again you could trade password and scam you like the way someone did above or you change your email to theres so stardoll sends the new email your password and your scammed. There monsters.

                                            How you can PREVENT it!

Just dont trade with anyone even your bestfriends they may be hackers or dont give out your details simple

                                           The scammers -______-

some maybe deleted i dont know! and I have got these from a topic in a club with proof

These are the only scammers with proof! If you know a scammer take a screen shot and put it on tinypic then put a link to it in the comments and i can update this post, I hate to say this but there not all as innocent as they seem!
Stay safe! And dont trade or contact these liers!! 

3 Awesome Comments:

  • Anonymous said...

    Thank you for posting about scammers and hackers. There is also another type of scamming - when you do something for a person, then they don't pay you, and try to take the something anyway.

    lovinjudas xxx

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