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So as i normally do, I log into my stardoll account, I check my guestbook comments, covergirl, Chat to friends, do my suite. E.G And Then I looked at my profile at the top where it says how many stardollars and stuff I have and I noticed something very strange.. I have 30 stardollars more and my look changed slightly. It was only the lipstick and the blusher. So I checked my beauty palour. Ive noticed all my makeups on the side, so I dragged them back in the cabinet again and saved it, and did my look again then In my jewlerry all my stuff were on the side again, so i dragged them in the cabinet again and saved and thought something weird was going on.. So I changed my password and the email wernt change so I was lucky then I looked at my starbazzar to see if the hacker/stardoll were putting my things on to see if thats how I got my extra 30 stardollars.. No nothing has been bought or sold but then I went in my suite... A chair has switched sides of the rooms! I bet your thinking wow so what! A chair moving to the other side of the room, but that WAS spooky so I changed it back clicked save then done. Ive solved most of the problams but if it was a hacker, I still dont know and how the heck did I get the extra 30 stardollars? Im so spooked.
I dont have any proof but i swear to god that was real and scary! What do you think happend PLEASE HELP!

3 Awesome Comments:

  • Anonymous said...

    have you told stardoll you had any technical problems like couldn't remove jewellery or a hat or something because they tend to go walk about on your account. On my previous account they put a necklace on my doll and changed my makeup and hair. Maybe they were playing around and accidentally saved.

    If your worried and it's not just change your password.

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