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Monday, April 16, 2012 2 Awesome Comments
Almost everyone I interviewed LOVES the Stardesign and it's most famous designers
You may have seen these wigs while voteing or in the bazaar:
And many more :] It's all designed by Lollymollygoo or [Abbey] It looks easy to make, but by talking to her, you may tell that she can get pretty tired of working on the wigs. They are made with concentration and of course ideas :] The latest hairstyle in REAL LIFE is dip-dye hair, which is the above :] If you visit her you can tell that she has been on Stardoll for a long time!!! I would love to get an interview with her, and how she does her spectacular medolls and wigs....maybe you should see for yourself at:
Oh and while you are at it, tell her that the2glams blogspot Stardoll-local-news  has a special kinda of love that Abbey should never forget :]

--Miss_sassy_girl/ Ashtyn

2 Awesome Comments:

  • lollymollygoo said...

    The latest hairstyle is actually the bun as the dip dye was removed 2 or so weeks ago but I am slack and forgot to remove it off my pres for some time lol and thanks

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